COVID update

April 25, 2022

“As we enjoy yet another quiet COVID week, the most common question I’m asked is ‘Is COVID over?’” said Barton County Health Department Administrator Joel Dermott. Looking at areawide and statewide numbers, the obvious response would be yes. Dermott’s response is usually another question, “What do you mean by over?”

The pandemic measured by new cases, hospitalizations, deaths, positivity rates, etc. is definitely in an endemic stage said Dermott, adding that COVID as it relates to ongoing surveillance, sewershed testing, reporting and outbreak investigations is far from over from a public health standpoint.

“In the minds and daily lives for the majority of the public, we are understandably ‘over’ it’; however, as a political issue, Lord help us.” said Dermott, adding, “Unfortunately, that kind of COVID will likely have a longer shelf life than the virus itself.”