Lamar Tigers third grade football team

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Photo by Terry Redman
Members of the third grade Lamar Tiger football team are No. 1 Gideon Brenneman, No. 3 Elijah Clements, No. 4 Dezden Dixon, No. 6 Easton Long, No. 8 Tanner Parrish, No. 9 Jackson Cofield, No. 10 Zaiden Howarth, No. 11 Jordan Oliver, No. 14 Judah Diggs, No. 15 Jase Miller, No. 18 Kayden Jeffries, No. 19 Brady Powell, No. 20 Cam Lucas, No. 22 Leighton Garfield, No. 25 Brody Sorden, No. 27 Brock Wolken, No. 31 Briley Timmons, No. 61 Jaxson Forst, No. 63 Chasetin Kirch, No. 87 Dominic Cole. Coaches are Jake Timmons, Colter VanGilder, Doug Dixon, Eric Lucas and Logan Powell.