The day draws near… Happy Halloween!

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Lamar Democrat/Melody Metzger
As the day draws near, Halloween decorations are beginning to go up around town and a very spectacular one can be located now through the holiday at 503 W. 10th St., in Lamar. Homeowner Lisa Sprowel said that the 21 inflatables that are currently displayed are geared towards children so she doesn’t make them too scary, but strives to make them enjoyable for all ages. In fact, she stated that her reasoning for decorating the way she does is for children to be able to enjoy. She has been decorating the homes that she has resided in for the past 15 years and this one has to top it all as she continues to add pieces to her collection. Closer to the holiday she plans to have lights in place, as well, so be sure to drive by and see what has been added. You won’t be disappointed.